Web 2.0 Tools

· Web 2.0 Tools - Using Google Earth to Explore England
1. Students will individually work with Google Earth to find the modern Shakespeare’s Globe as well as other historically applicable locations around England.
Assessment: Students will be evaluated summatively by fulfilling the rubric requirements as well as sharing one thing they found interesting with the rest of the class. (Duplicate locations are fine – everyone will find something else interesting and have something different to say about their findings.)

Using Google Earth to Explore England
Technology Literacy
Student can effectively navigate around Google Earth and asks/answers questions of students around him/her.
Student tries to navigate around Google Earth but does not ask/answer questions of students around him/her.
Student does not know how to use Google Earth and does not attempt to learn from others.
Time Usage
Student uses time effectively, talks with other students about related work, and completes the assignment.
Student completes assignment, but spends time talking about unrelated work and strays from Google Earth.
Student does not complete the assignment, strays from Google Earth, and/or spends most of the class period talking with other students about unrelated work.
Student shares something about his/her Google Earth findings and talks about what he/she found interesting.
Student shares something about his/her Google Earth findings, but does not talk about what they found interesting about it.
Student does not share his/her Google Earth findings.

· Web 2.0 Tools – Classroom Facebook Account
1. Students will use the class facebook to receive and blog about their daily journal responses.

  • Web 2.0 Tools - Collaborative Sonnet Using Writeboard
  1. Students will be assigned groups of 3. One student will be assigned to start the sonnet.
  2. Students will then split away from their groups and go to Writeboard.com
  3. Students will collaboratively write a sonnet on Writeboard without talking using iambic pentameter and alternate writing lines of the sonnet.
  • Assessment: Students will be assessed on their ability to use and help correct their group's use of iambic pentameter. When the students have finished writing their sonnets, which ever student wrote one less line than the other 2 group members (Shakespearean sonnets are 14 lines long and on person will be short on line) will read the completed sonnet aloud to the class.

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