Photo Editing

On this page you will find examples of ideas for using photo editing in the classroom.

Tech Rich Lesson Plan:

· Photoediting - Getting to Know Shakespearean Texts through Video Clips
1. Upon entering the classroom the students will take their seats. The students will start with a writing exercise. The students will have three minutes to write on the topic: What do you know/think you know about Shakespeare? How do you feel about reading/performing Shakespeare’s work? Why do you feel this way?
2. Once the three minutes are up, the teacher will lead a discussion about fears, frustrations, preconceived notions, and previous knowledge the students have about Shakespeare and his work. Each student will briefly share something from their journaling.
3. After the preliminary discussion, the teacher will break the class into four groups (jigsaw style) and assign a reader and a reporter. Each group will be supplied with a movie synopsis – all from movies based on Shakespearean plays.
a. 10 Things I Hate About You synopsis
b. She’s the Man synopsis
c. O synopsis
d. West Side Story synopsis
4. After reading the synopsis aloud in their groups, each group will find a clip (no more than 2 minutes long) from the movie they were given. After finding the clip they want to show the class, the students will upload the video clip to the class wiki to share.
5. Once every group has shared their assigned movie synopsis and clip with the class the teacher will lead a discussion about the stories.
a. How can you personally relate to the characters you read about?
b. Were these stories difficult to understand? Why or why not?
c. Do these stories seem interesting to you? Why of why not?
6. After the discussion each group will be given a scene from a Shakespearean play that correlates with the movie they had been working with. The groups will return to the computers and find another clip (no longer than 2 minutes) – but this time from the Shakespearean play (can be a clip from a live performance or from a movie version). The groups will again add this to the class wiki and share it with the class.
7. Once the groups have shared their clips, the teacher will lead a discussion about how the plays and movies correlate to each other. By discussion, the students will learn that Shakespearean content is still interesting, relevant, and funny today.
a. Which movie synopsis was similar to this play? What was similar about it? What was different about it?
8. After the class discussion, students will return to their journals. The students will have another three minutes to reflect on what they now know about Shakespearean drama.
 Assessment: Students will be given a rubric and will be presenting their mind maps to the class as a summative assessment.
Getting to Know Shakespearean Texts through Video Clips
Students provided an appropriate clip from both the movie and the play.
Students provided an appropriate clip from the movie OR the play.
Students either provided an inappropriate clips OR did not provide a clip.
Length of Clips
Students provided clips under 2 minutes to share with the class.
Students provided clips over 2 minutes to share with the class.
Students did not adhere to the length requirements for their clips.
Students shared both clips and an analysis of the synopsis with the class.
Students shared clips with the class, but did not share an analysis of their synopsis.
Students did not present clips or an analysis of their synopsis.

This is a youtube video of Tayor Mali, a spoken word poet (and English teacher!), reading his piece "On What Teachers Make" that I find very inspirational. I write a lot of my own spoken word poetry myself. I find it very refreshing to find an English teacher with such passion for his work.

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