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I am currently a secondary education student at UW Oshkosh for English and theatre; I also have a minor in creative writing. This past summer (2010) I studied abroad in England at Cambridge University studying British literature, seeing professional theatre companies, and studying British theatre history. I currently teach a three year old classroom at Arts for Kids Childcare Center, but I would like to eventually like to teach at the high school level.

The purpose of my wiki is to start gathering wisdom from other educators as well as provide research for others to benefit from. I am also providing projects and work I have done as a student in classroom technology and English/Theatre studies - I will continually be adding to this wiki.

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Photoediting – rubric – 2 articles
Learning objects – rubric - definition
Mind maps – rubric – definition – 2 articles

Web 2.0 tools – NO rubric – 2/3 – definition – 2 articles
Digital story telling

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